Treating addiction: Limbix VR

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Treating height phobia: Limbix VR

A Limbix product tested and reviewed by VICE.

Meditation apps



The meditation app I've been using for a couple of years now. Get daily new guided meditations. Build up your community.



Andy's (Puddicombe) wonderful voice leads you through various meditation sessions. THE 'classic' among the many meditation apps. 

Mindfulness Bell


The sound of a bell - reminding you of this particular moment. Adjustable to your preferences.

Reducing anxiety: Celeste

One way to can treat/reduce your feelings of anxiety could MAYBE be playing CELESTE - an online video game which claims/intends just that! 

(Thanks William for this game link and info - and the  review there).

Depressed and Anxious? "Sea of Solitude"


This video game wants to help: "In the coming adventure video game Sea of Solitude, the main character — a young woman named Kay — navigates a partly submerged city as she faces a multitude of red-eyed scaly creatures.

None are as terrifying as her own personal demons. As the game progresses, 

Kay realizes the creatures she is encountering are humans who turned into monsters when they became too lonely. To save herself, she fights to overcome her own loneliness.


Sea of Solitude, which Electronic Arts will publish this year, is among a growing number of video games that are tackling mental health issues."

Hello BIAS!


The first time I heard of "biases" was in 2004/2005 - when I was studying psychology. Since then (and due to reading/studying neurocognitive research findings) it is relatively "clear" to me,  that there is no objective "reality" out there and that we are constantly constructing reality ourselves (mainly subconsciously):

Here a nice, concise, collection of 50 cognitve biases and 

here are some interactive 24 of them.

"The interent" found around 175 biases (poster).

Psychedelic VR


Article in The Guardian: 

"How psychedelic virtual reality can help end society's mass bad trip" (see link below)

"Cyberdelic VR is being used to treat trauma and even simulate near-death experiences [...]

Smith and Montemayor are most interested in how to undo the damage done by smartphones and their apps. Extended reality technology, they say, could provide a more genuine sense of human connection and a greater sense of empathy by allowing us to stand in the shoes of others (or borrow their eyes). We might experience what it’s like to be another gender, or to have schizophrenia, for instance."

Gamification in health care


"Here, I collected some of the most widely known game-based digital technologies in healthcare. [...]

1) Physical fitness

2) Medication and chronic condition management

3) Gamification for kids

4) Physical therapy and rehabilitation"

--> Link

Personality Test "16 Personalities"

16 Personalities

The Myers-Briggs test, which is the basis of this online personality test here , has been scientifically "rejected" (see one critical article here, e.g.). 

YET NEVERTHELESS: It is an entertaining, cost-free way to self reflect and thus learn more about yourself. 

So: Please don't take the result(s) TOO serious. 

And have fun discovering online more about yourself.  

Check how biased you are: "Stereotypes"


Take an IAT-test online and see/check how biased you are with regard to subconscious associations and stereotypes:

"The implicit-association test (IAT) is a measure within social psychology designed to detect the strength of a person's subconscious association between mental representations of objects (concepts) in memory. It is commonly applied to assess implicit stereotypes held by test subjects, such as unconsciously associating stereotypically black names with words consistent with black stereotypes.

The test's format is highly versatile, and has been used to investigate biases in racial groups, gender, sexuality, age, and religion, as well as assessing self-esteem." (Wikipedia)

The INSIGHT Project

" ambitious combination of technology, game design and clinical neuroscience brought together with the aim of treating mental suffering and encouraging mental wellbeing. "

Bring nature into your office: "Nature Pod"

"NaturePod™ is a revolutionary new way to deliver nature to the workplace. Its proprietary technology uses Natural Resonance Imaging (NRI) to recreate the diverse restorative and physical health gains of spending time in nature through scientifically curated imagery."